Masters of Research

Below are my experiences during my MRes year 2017/18.

Research Topics

In the second semester I completed two research topics. The shorter research topic was on high dimensional extreme value theory in which I explored methods to deal with data with extreme values in high dimensions. The longer topic was on theoretical properties of generative adversarial learning in which I looked at how neural nets are used to create models which can generate new data. In this, I focussed on the drawbacks of the techniques and suggested plausible research avenues which could create more realistic data using generative learning.

Problem Solving Days

Throughout the year I took part in problem solving days. These are days where either an external company visits the STOR-i offices or STOR-i students visit an external company. The external company then gives a problem for the students to work on in teams. Pictured above is the problem solving day at ATASS sports in which we created models to predict the outcome of the match Everton vs Newcastle. Our predictions were updated every 5 minutes during the match and were compared to the betting market. There was a competition between each team and the one which matched the open market best won, unfortunately my team weren't the winners.

The Courses

During the first term I took taught courses to reinforce the fundamentals of statistics and operational research. These ran alongside STOR601, specifically this included OR case studies. The photo above was a part of the "Dial-a-bus" case study in which our team suggested creating the bus company "Mikes Busses". STOR601 ran into term 2 and included courses in C, website design and the research topics. Towards the end of term 2 we had masterclasses. These were on niche topics in statistics and OR taken by world-leading experts.

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