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The Future of Consent: Workshop 1

Beijing, China, 18 - 19 September 2009

Beijing workshop group photoThe first workshop in The Future of Consent research programme was jointly organised by Centre of Bioethics (Chinese Academy of Medical Science/Peking Union Medical College) and the Department of Philosophy, Lancaster University. It took place in Beijing on 18-19 September 2009.  Seven sessions were held over two days consisting of six papers with commentaries and a final “roundtable” session.  As well as the workshop participants the audience also included local Chinese academics and graduate students. Topics discussed included:



  • the justification of informed consent in ethical theory;
  • the justification of, and limits of, paternalism in public health;
  • contrasts between Chinese conceptions of informed consent and Western conceptions;
  • problems with international ethical guidelines when faced with cultural differences about consent and its importance;
  • consent in international research and its relation to issues about global justice and exploitation;
  • methods for managing informed consent procedures that respect subjects informational limitations whilst protecting researchers and clinicians.


Presenter & Paper Title



Richard Arneson (University of California, Berkeley) ‘Autonomy, Consequences, and the Significance of Consent’

Lu Feng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)


Qiu Renzong (Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): ‘Consent: Difficulties in Practices and Challenges in Theories’

David Archard (Lancaster University)


Angus Dawson (Centre for Professional Ethics, Keele University): ‘Consent, Choice and the Ends of Health Promotion’

Liu Jie (Shandong University, Jinan)


Zhai Xioamei (Peking Union Medical College, Centre for Bioethics): ‘Consent: tension between International Guidelines vs. Native Culture’

Neil Manson (Lancaster University)


John McMillan (University of Hull): ‘Ancillary Care, Negotiated Community Consent and the Obligations of Global Justice’

Liao Shenbai (Beijing Normal University)


Matthew Liao (Oxford University): ‘Improving Informed Consent’

Hu Linying (Peking University)


Roundtable Discussion (all)


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