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The Future of Consent: Workshop 2

Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester, UK, 22-24 March 2010

The central purpose of the workshop is to assess the importance and value attached to informed consent in order to engage with questions of broader significance concerning the complex relationships between, on the one hand, the individual as a relatively, but non-ideally, autonomous agent and, on the other hand, his or her society with its collective purposes. The workshop is interdisciplinary involving distinguished international figures in philosophy, law, and psychology. The organisers of the workshop gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Society for Applied Philosophy which has made possible the subsidising of the postgraduate places at this event.


For registration details including fees go to the online booking form. For other information contact David Archard.

Download draft programme (pdf)


  • Onora O'Neill (British Academy/House of Lords): 'Consent, Trust and Mediated Communication'
  • Margot Brazier (Manchester): ‘What is Consent for?’
  • Jerry Gaus (Arizona): ‘Justification, Choice, and Promise: Rescuing the Consent Tradition from Anarchism’
  • Michael Schober (New School for Social Research, New York): ‘Standardized language and consent forms’
  • Qiu Renzong (Institute of Philosophy, Beijing, PRC): ‘TBC’
  • Simona Botti (London Business School): ‘The psychological pleasure and pain of choosing’
  • Paul Appelbaum (Columbia): ‘Consent to Research’
  • John Christman (Penn State): ‘Diachronic Autonomy’
  • Torbjorn Tannsjo (Stockholm):’Informed Consent in the Clinic and in Research. Should we use the same standards?’


  • M.A. Jones; Martin O’Neill; Neil Manson; Angus Dawson; Zhai Xioamei; David Archard; Mike Parker

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