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Mobililties Lab launchThe Mobilities.Lab is a hub for the interdisciplinary study of mobilities in contemporary societies. It is part of Cemore, with a distinctive group of scholars from a variety of disciplines - sociology, fine art, geography, design, health and medicine, and computing.
The mobilities.lab provides methodological innovation, equipment and space for researchers. Its members develop mobile methods to explore practices and implications of mobilities, immobilities and blocked movements of people, objects, information, ideas in contemporary life and to fold scholarly insight into critique and innovation.
Individuals and teams use mobilities.lab to undertake original research, in funded projects, small in-house projects and to explore ideas that would lead to funding bids for research projects. The equipment and lab space are available to colleagues and, under appropriate supervision, to students from any department within Lancaster University.


There are no events today, the next event will be:

20 July 2016, Cath Smith, University of Otago, NZ - jointly organised by CeMoRe and the Faculty of Health and Medicine

Latest News

CeMoRe Director - Lynne Pearce - appointed co-editor new series, 26 May 2016

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Mobilities.Lab Equipment

Visit to see a list of equipment available for your research, and to see some experiments with mobile methods, see here  


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