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Our original concept


London EyeThe PIC Project was originally conceived by staff at Lancaster University in the Department of European Languages and Cultures (DELC) and Linguistics and English Language (LAEL). The project derived from

  • our earlier work on the HEFCE-funded Interculture Project (1998-2002)
  • our experience in the management of student exchange in Europe and our knowledge of periods of residence abroad
  • our interest in research in pragmatics, politeness and intercultural communication



Interculture Project logoThe Interculture Project's main aims were to develop a closer understanding of the year abroad experience and to produce teaching materials designed to enhance students' learning outcomes. It involved more than 150 students who spent the year abroad in five different European countries and it gathered a wide range of data in the form of questionnaire responses, focus groups, diaries and interviews.

Eiffel TowerThe project highlighted one aspect of the year abroad experience which particularly concerned the students - their relationship with the staff of the schools where they were employed.

Research into this relationship and its wider significance for the study has been the focus of the PIC Project.



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