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From this page you can download .rtf versions of a variety of discussion papers that members of the group have produced or debated. Several of these papers are also linked from the relevant events section of the site.

Rampton, Harris and Small 2006, "The Meanings of Ethnicity in Discursive Interaction: Some Data and Interpretations from Linguistic Ethnography" (.pdf format).  This is the text of a presentation at a workshop on ethnicities organised by the ESRC Identities and Social Action programme in June 2006.  It is intended to provide non-linguistic social scientists with an idea of the perspective on ethnicity (and identity more generally) that linguistic ethnography can provide.

UK linguistic ethnography discussion paper (.pdf format, you will need Adobe Reader )

Papers from the Bakhtin, Language & Discourse seminar.

* Professor Lukas Tsitsipis (University of Thessaloniki): “Journeying with Bakhtin on the path of linguistic anthropology”

* Dr Janet Maybin (Open University): "'Speech genres' and 'evaluation' in socialisation and identity: Older children's language practices"

* Dr Alexandra Georgakopoulou (King’s College London): Bakhtin in sociolinguistics/discourse studies: Readings and open issues

*"Bakhtin Quoted" - canonical citations from Bakhtin in sociolinguistics, prepared by Dr Alexandra Georgakopoulou. 

Papers from BAAL 2003 Colloquium, Leeds: Linguistic Ethnography at the Interface with Education.

Ben Rampton: Coming to Ethnography from a Background in Teaching

Janet Maybin: The potential contribution of Linguistic Ethnography to Vygotskian studies of talk and learning in school

Richard Barwell:  Interface?  What interface?  Reflexivity in linguistics research in multicultural classrooms

Kate Pahl: Challenging family literacy pedagogy through linguistic ethnography

Leicester 2001 overseas reflections

Ethnography manifesto


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