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This section contains tools and links to sites containing evaluation tools along with other documentary resources:

Murray Saunders (2000) 'Beginning an Evaluation with RUFDATA: Theorising a Practical Approach to Evaluation Planning' from Evaluation Vol 6(1): 7-21

Comment: This paper describes how people can be initiated into an evaluation planning process. It is an easily accessible approach originally designed for use with the British Council in their Offices world wide. The front part of the paper contains a theoretical discussion about how people gain professional knowledge but the the latter part of the paper - 'The development of RUFDATA' - is the part most useful for adoption in a local evaluation. It works quite well in the initial stages of setting up an evaluation with all the key stakeholders and writing a draft evaluation plan.

Tools for Focusing Evaluations: LTSN Evaluation
Murray Saunders (August 2001)

Comment: These notes discuss the potential use of two approaches to the process of focusing evaluations which might be useful. Comments are welcome.

Evaluation Tools

Comment: This site contains some basic evaluation tools for use in programme or project evaluations.

Evaluation Design and Tools

Comment: This site contains another 'how to' type tool for planning and carrying out evaluations.

LTSN Programme Evaluation

Comment: Questionnaire used in LTSN programme evaluation.