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Postgraduate Research at Lancaster

PhD Theses Completed 2009-10:

Jonathan Gledhill, 'Political Society in the Eastern Borders of Scotland, c.1100-1500' (supervised by Sandy Grant).

Sarah Rose, 'Landed Society in the Honour of Pontefract, c.1066-1509' (co-supervised by Sandy Grant and Keith Stringer).

PhD Theses in Progress:

George Lincoln, 'Secundum antiquas divisiones Sarracenorum': settlements, provinces and boundaries in medieval Sicily (supervised by Alex Metcalfe and Andrew Jotischky) - PhD studentship

Emily Mead, 'Power, patroange and underage rule in Norman Sicily' (supervised by Alex Metcalfe).

Completed MA Dissertations:

Emily Mead (MA in Historical Research), 'Pre-Conquest Sicily and the Regency of Countess Adelaide, 1091-1112' (supervised by Alex Metcalfe).

Thomas Hopkinson (MA in Historical Research), 'Ibn Jubayr and his travels: a twelfth-century pilgrim's concept of self and encounters with the other (supervised by Alex Metcalfe)

James Wilkinson (MA in Historical Research), 'Muslims under Christian rule: a comparative study of Norman Sicily and the Crusader states' (supervised by Alex Metcalfe).

Ross Lambert (MA in Historical Research), 'The rise of the Latin church in Norman Sicily' (supervised by Alex Metcalfe)

MA Dissertations in Progress:

Paul Winter (MA in Historical Research), 'The strategic role of Damascus during the Crusades'


Teaching at Lancaster:

In addition to the Norman Edge Research Team, the department houses three further established scholars with interests in the Norman world: Alexander Grant, Paul Hayward, and Angus Winchester.

The History Department at Lancaster University offers a number of undergraduate courses at Part II which intersect, or deal specifically, with the Norman World. These include:

HIST201: From Bede to Becket: The Cult of Saints in Earlier Medieval England, c.600-1200

HIST292: The Crusades I: Conquest, Colonization and Religious Enthusiasm, 1095-1187

HIST293: The Crusades II: Conquest, Colonization and Religious Enthusiasm, 1187-1330

Students in their third year can also take the following special subjects:

HIST312: Islamic and Norman Sicily

HIST 313: Hermits and Reformers - The Monastic Revolution, c.1080-1150



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