Aspects of Medical Self-Discharge

Project Team

Dr Laura Machin Dr Laura Machin is currently a Lecturer in Medical Ethics at Lancaster Medical School. She is social-science trained and has experience in researching hard-to-reach populations on sensitive topics, qualitative interviewing techniques, and qualitative data analysis.

Dr David Warriner Dr David Warriner is currently a clinical research fellow in cardiology based in Sheffield. He has recently published in the BMJ on the matter of self-discharge[1]. He also has a keen interest in sports medicine, medical journalism, and medical education. In his spare time he is mainly outdoors; cycling, walking, surfing, or skiing.

Steffi Siby Steffi Siby is a third year medical student at Lancaster University and is currently undertaking a Special Study Module with Dr Machin exploring how patient self discharge against medical advice impacts upon General Practitioners.

Emily Ford Emily Ford is a third year medical student at Lancaster University. As part of her Special Study Module with Dr Machin she is exploring the ethical aspects of patient self-discharge against medical advice by interviewing Foundation Year 2 doctors. Her particular interests lie in mental capacity and how this influences doctors' approach to patients' requests to discharge themselves.

  1. Warriner, D. (2011). Patients who discharge themselves need further thought. BMJ, 343, 5054.


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