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Young Adult Gothic Fiction Symposium.

This project brings together authors, figures from the publishing industry, academics and young adult readers to explore  the surge of Gothic writing aimed at children and young adults in the last ten to fifteen years.

Young Adult Gothic fiction is part of a tradition of Gothic writing spanning three centuries, but is also inextricably related to broader contemporary popular and literary cultures.  Going beyond Twilight, this project takes young adult gothic seriously, exploring some of the questions it elicits, including the gendering of the Gothic; the use of meta-fictional techniques to interrogate the production of history; the role of horror in writing for children and young adults; the relationship between Gothic and branding, marketing and consumption; and the wider cultural changes that have taken place that have allowed and encouraged Gothic to become a dominant mode in children’s publishing.

Our symposium took place on the 27th September, 2013.

Hosted and funded by Lancaster University, the event brought together academics, fiction writers, publishers, and schools to share their knowledge and understanding of young adult gothic fiction.

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What the students had to say...

“I really enjoyed it and I’ve learned a lot about gothic fiction.” (Muhammed)

“Thank you so much to all involved today, especially the authors. Their ideas and comments, and inspiration, has been so valuable.” (Eleanor)

“It has been a fantastic experience and has helped me develop a greater interest in the gothic genre.” (Dorothea)

“I enjoyed listening to the author’s viewpoints on gothic fiction. I especially liked Chris Priestley as he is my favourite author.” (Muhammed)

“I have loved hearing from the authors’ own experiences and anecdotes. It has made me only more determined to become an author.” (Olivia)

“I have really enjoyed listening to what inspires the authors and gives them ideas. After reading some of their work, it has been very interesting to see what lies behind it. I have also enjoyed being able to quiz the authors on an informal, friendly level.” (Eleanor)

“I have enjoyed hearing the authors talk about their success and how their work is shaped by experience.” (Amelia)

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