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Prof. Jon Whittle


Jon is a Professor in the School of Computing and Communications.  He is interested in using digital technologies to break down barriers and has worked on a number of digital innovation projects, for example, crowdsourcing local opinions on public safety (voiceyourview.com), serendipity in the digital world (serena.ac.uk), and digital technologies for managing work/life balance (digitalbrainswitch.org.uk)

Position: Principal Investigator, Catalyst Project team, Management Group and Advisory Group Chair

Website: www.jonwhittle.org

Email: j.n.whittle@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Maria Angela Ferrario


Maria Angela has a diverse background including computing (AI), multimedia design, social psychology and philosophy. She is an Italian native who lived many years in Ireland (North and South) managing national, cross-border and European e-government projects before moving to Lancaster a couple of years ago. A keen marathon runner, cyclist & swimmer she is delighted with Lancaster great outdoors.

Position: Senior Research Associate, Catalyst Project Team Lead

Website: www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/~ferrario/

Email: m.ferrario@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Will Simm


Will is an experienced researcher and systems developer. Previous research projects include PhD work engaging with speech therapists and their clients to produce novel tech driven metrics of speech, VoiceYourView which engaged with citizens in developing novel digital consultation tools and uDesignIT which investigated using online social technologies for designing against anti-social behaviour.

Position: Senior Research Associate, Catalyst Project Team

Website: http://www.research.lancs.ac.uk/portal/en/people/william-simm

Email: w.simm@lancaster.ac.uk

Stephen Forshaw


Stephen is a Research Associate on the Catalyst project and has a number of specialities, including graphic and product design.

Position: Research Associate, Catalyst Project Team

Dr Peter Newman


Peter has recently joined the Catalyst team as a Research Associate to help rapidly develop prototypes for the output of ongoing research sprints. His research background includes work in self adaptive embedded systems using service-oriented architecture as a means to orchestrate changes to software at runtime.

Position: Research Associate, Catalyst Project Team

Website: http://www.bloggingon.co.uk

Email: p.newman@lancaster.ac.uk

Prof. Gordon Blair


Gordon’s research interests include distributed systems architecture, model-driven engineering techniques applied to adaptive distributed systems, and the applicability of contemporary distributed systems technologies (including cloud computing) to environmental science.

Position: Co-Investigator

Website: www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/department/staff.php?name=gordon

Email: g.blair@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Monika Buscher


I study people’s everyday material and epistemic practices – on the move or in situ – including experiences and practices of place-making and (distributed) collaboration. My approach is ethnographic and analytically rooted in ethnomethodology, science and technology studies and phenomenology. My work critically informs participatory, interdisciplinary socio-technical innovation. I actively co-design and facilitate the appropriation of cutting edge ubiquitous computing visions, technologies, platforms, and content in different settings.

Position: Co-Investigator

Website:  www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/sociology/profiles/392/16/

Email:  m.buscher@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Paul Coulton


Paul’s research interests relate to the theories and practices associated with the design of novel Games and Playful Experiences. The majority of this research is conducted using techniques pioneered within our group relating to an ‘in the wild’ methodology utilising ‘app stores’ and social networks.

Position: Co-Investigator

Website: www.mobileradicals.com/

Email: p.coulton@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr. Leon Cruickshank


Leon Cruickshank (Senior Lecturer in Design at ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster Universities Creative Research Centre. His work explores open design and user-led innovation. Currently this research is focused on the design of activities and processes to facilitate creativity in everyone

Position: Co-Investigator

Website: http://imagination.lancaster.ac.uk/people/Leon_Cruickshank

Email: l.cruickshank@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Rebecca Ellis


Rebecca has a background in social anthropology and ethnography. She is interested in the encounter between local and techno-scientific ways of knowing and experiencing the environment. Her research has moved from the Bolivian Amazon to working with UK Amateur Naturalists and more recently with big-science genomic approaches to mapping biodiversity (DNA barcoding). On the Catalyst project I lead on Research Sprints.

Position: Co-Investigator & Sprint Lead

Website: www.lec.lancs.ac.uk/people/Rebecca_Ellis

Email: r.ellis@lancaster.ac.uk

Prof. Robert Fildes


Robert Fildes is a distinguished professor in the Department of Management Science and director of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting. A statistician by training, in the Catalyst project he is interested in the circumstances citizens adopt and use new technologies and their motivations.

Position: Co-Investigator

Website: www.lums.lancs.ac.uk/mansci/profiles/robert-fildes/

Email: r.fildes@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Ruth McNally


Ruths field of research is social studies of science, technology and innovation, with a focus on genomic biosciences. Ruth’s current research interests are data, projects and research methods. Ruth is Principal Lecturer in Innovation and Technology Management and Leader of Research in the Department of Economics, Strategy, Marketing and Enterprise at Anglia Ruskin University. On Catalyst, Ruth leads a research package using PROTEE, a management tool for radical innovation projects.

Position: Protee Lead



Prof. Stefanos Mouzas


Stefanos Mouzas is a Co-investigator in the Catalyst project and Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Lancaster University Management School. His research is in the area of networks, negotiations and contracts.

Position: Co-Investigator – Seminar lead

Website: www.lums.lancs.ac.uk/marketing/profiles/stefanos-mouzas

Email: s.mouzas@lancaster.ac.uk

Prof. Awais Rashid


Awais’s research focuses on developing sustainable software for sustainable living in the digital world. This research is inherently multi-disciplinary drawing upon a range of topics such as software engineering, computational linguistics, sociology and criminology.

Position: Co-Investigator



Dr Matthew Rowe


Matthew is a Lecturer in Social Computing at the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University. His research interests centre around the Social Semantic Web and how information can be processed and interpreted by machines via formal semantics.

Position: Co-Investigator, Launchpad lead (pre award) and advisory group



Dr Corina Sas


My research focuses on investigating, designing and evaluating technologies which aim to make a difference in people’s lives. I see technology as a means to an end, either for studying and understanding human behaviour, or as a tool for supporting people to reach their potential.

Position: Co-Investigator, Launchpad lead (post award)



Prof. Lucy Suchman


Lucy Suchman is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster, and Co-Director of Lancaster’s Centre for Science Studies. She spent twenty years at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, and in 2010 received the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer-Human Interaction Lifetime Research Award.

Position: Co-Investigator



Debbie Stubbs


Debbie has worked across cultural industries, charitable sector and local government. Origionally training as a theatre designer, her previous roles include: business development at The Dukes, director of two arts centres, arts officer in West London and Buckinghamshire. Family, digging an allotment, and walking, fills the other side of her Catalystic world!

Position: Project Manager (part-time)


Jen Southern


Jen’s research is currently exploring how the use of GPS changes perceptions of sense of place, particularly in relation to embodied practices of navigation and the GPS as a device for seeing from above. Her research takes place through socially engaged art practice and speculative mobile application design.

Previously, Jen worked as a Research Associate on the Catalyst project, and now continues her role as a Co-Investigator.

Position: Co-Investigator

Website: http://www.theportable.tv/

Dr Maia Galarraga

Maia Galarraga is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University. A philosopher by background her research interests range from environmental philosophy to the philosophy of technology and continental philosophy.  On the catalyst project, Maia is part of a research package using PROTEE, a management tool for radical innovation projects.

Website: http://www.iagp.ac.uk/people/maia-galarraga

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