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Photo of Bob Jessop


Photo of Ngai-Ling Sum

Deputy Director

Photo of Norman Fariclough

Bob Jessop
Sociology, Lancaster
Ngai-Ling Sum
Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster Co-Director
Norman Fairclough
Emeritus Professor, Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster

CPERC draws on a large network of researches based at Lancaster University and beyond. The research activities are directed by the co-directors Ngai-Ling Sum and Bob Jessop and the deputy director Norman Fairclough. The following people regularly take part in the activities of the centre:


Research Students (past and present)

  • Santiago Leyva Botero - Sociology, Lancaster
  • Ralph Guth - Politics and International Relations, Lancaster
  • Mathis Heinrich - Sociology, Lancaster
  • Julian Mueller - Sociology, Lancaster
  • Athanasia Rodaki - Politics and International Relations, Lancaster
  • Ozge Yaka - Sociology, Lancaster
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