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Gis' a job (you don't have to take us home)

Peter Bailey, University of Surrey

Full paper (word doc)

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This paper explores some of the issues and values around work and impairment. It will focus on both the supply of work and the demand for work. The paper looks at both structural issues around the supply of work and psycho-social issues around the demand for work among disabled people.

In particular, the paper will suggest that disabled people should demand more support from government to help them gain access to the full range of work that non-disabled people have access to.

It will be suggested that if disabled people are to achieve social justice in the UK, we have a right to demand a much more significant contribution from government to help us access those employment opportunities that other people take for granted. Equally, perhaps controversially, it will be suggested, that disabled people also have responsibilities to examine their own attitudes to work; albeit with considerable more resources to draw on than has been the case to date.

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