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Presenters and Abstracts

Please click on the presentation titles below to access the abstract and the full paper or Powerpoint presentation.

Name Presentation Title
Andrew Azzopardi
University of Malta
Reading stories of inclusion: Engaging with different perspectives towards an agenda for inclusion
Peter Bailey
University of Surrey
Gis' a job (you don't have to take us home)
Sharon Barnartt
Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.
Deaf women and inequality: Is deafness or femaleness to blame?
Maysaa S. Bazna
Columbia University
Disability in the Qur'an: The Islamic alternative to defining, viewing and relating to disability
John Carpenter
Centre for Applied Social and Community Studies, University of Durham
Meeting the needs of severely disabled Pakistani and Bangladeshi children and their families
Phil Cotterell
Patient and Public Involvement Research Unit, Worthing and Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust
Reflections and projections: Service user involvement in palliative care research
Victoria Eathorne
Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust
Supporting Royal College of Nursing (RCN) members with disability in the clinical environment: A workbook to support a workshop (Poster presentation)
Kathryn Ellis
Department of Applied Social Studies, University of Luton
Human rights, professional practice and social care: the findings of a small scale research study
Vic Finkelstein
Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds
Phase 3: Conceptualising new services
Kelly Fritsch
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
SuperCrip strikes again: Or mine-body dualism
Jennifer Harris
Social Policy Research Unit, University of York
'Non-disabled' - an oxymoron? Exploring the foundations of a divisive label
Andy Howes
Educational Support and Inclusion, Faculty of Education, University of Manchester
Managers, policies and story-telling
Debbie Jolly
Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds
Devolving direct payments: A review of policy development in the UK
Lesley Jordan
School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
Disability paradigms, models and professional practice in rehabilitation
David Kreps
Information Systems Institute, University of Salford
The 'visually impaired website': Representing disability on the WWW
Jackie Leach Scully
Institut für Geschichte und Epistemologie der Medizin, Universität Basel
Normative ethics and non-normative embodiment
Claudia Malacrida
University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Subject visions: Ex-Residents' perspectives on life in an institution for "mental defectives"
Rebecca Mallett
Department of Geography, University of Sheffield
The attribution of 'authorship' in cultural interpretations of 'disability'
Bruno Daniel Gomes de Sena Martins
School of Economy, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Blindness: Cultural and incorporeal productions of a condition
Helen Masterton
University of Surrey Roehampton
Culture change in an HEI: the SENDA agenda
Ghasem Norouzi
Inclusive Education and Equality Research Centre, University of Sheffield
Employment experiences of the six adults with the label of 'learning difficulties'
Mary-Ann O'Donovan
Dublin Institute of Technology
Advertising's role in disability as a social process
Sarah Parker
Department of Sociology and Social Policy, The University of Sydney
Searching for the absent citizen: Enabling & (dis)abling discourses of social citizenship
Donna Reeve
Department of Applied Social Science, Lancaster University
Psycho-emotional dimensions of disability within relationships between professionals and disabled people
Sheila Riddell
Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh
The impact of supported employment on the mental health and well-being of people with learning difficulties
Ludo Schoeters
The Flemish self-advocacy group: Our New Future
Taking the plunge of self-advocacy... some considerations and thoughts about the self-advocacy movement
Mike Shamash New orthopaedic boots and incontinence panties
Kirsten Stalker
University of Stirling
Representations of 'personality disorder'
Roger Steel
INVOLVE (formerly Consumers in NHS Research)
A research involvement continuum
Simoni Symeonidou
University of Cambridge
Explaining the development of the Cypriot disability movement: A preliminary theoretical model
Elena Tarasenko
Institute of Sociology of Russian, Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Problems and perspectives of disability policy in Russia: The move from paternalism towards disability rights?
Floris Tomasini
Lancaster University
Using phenomenology in rehabilitating amputees
Jackie Topp
School of Health & Social Welfare, The Open University
Narrative analysis as a methodology for disability research: Experiences of pregnancy
Rannveig Traustadottir
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Iceland
Disability studies: A Nordic perspective
Judith Waterfield
Staff-Student Partnership for Assessment Change and Evaluation (SPACE) Project, University of Plymouth
Critically responding to current professional practice through the adoption of inclusive methods of assessment
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