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Supporting Royal College of Nursing (RCN) members with disability in the clinical environment: A workbook to support a workshop (Poster presentation)

Victoria Eathorne, Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust

Poster presentation (pdf)


The introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) and subsequent amendments have meant a new role for RCN Representatives who support members in the clinical environment.

The DDA employers to be positive about disability, and with NHS support be positive in regards to the employment of people with disability (DDA 1995, NHS Careers 2003). Change in legislation also brings about the need for RCN representatives to support some members in ways they would not have done previously.

This poster presents an outline of a workbook to support a workshop to assist RCN representatives (and others) in supporting employees and students with disability in the clinical environment.

The boxes show how the sections link together and the main topics covered (in abbreviated form). Each of the topics is covered in the workbook with sections for reflection. The workbook is used to support a workshop. It is hoped that, by using the workbook first, participants will take part in an active, rather than passive way.

The workbook, and workshop, do not purport to be a complete overview of the DDA and related legislation, but do offer enough information to understand the principles of disability discrimination and how to support those individuals who may be experiencing difficulty related to disability.

The workbook also includes a 'further information' section, not outlined on this poster. This section offers internet addresses related to legal, support and disability information.

The workbook has been endorsed by the National Disability Team (contracted by the HEFC for England and the Dept. for Employment and Learning for Northern Ireland to improve provision for disabled students in HE).

DDA 1995: Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Online:
NHS Careers 2003: The NHS as an employer. Online: - equality

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