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Name Presentation Title
Laurence Arnold Disability and impairment, what is the essential difference? Deconstructing the language of the social model
Martin Atherton
International Centre for Signed Languages and Deaf Studies, University of Central Lancashire
Deaf newspapers: A cornerstone of the deaf community
Ruth Bailey
University of Edinburgh
Disabled people's health care encounters
John Bertelsen
Resource Centre for Special Needs Education, Denmark
Education between recovery and integration in the inclusive labour market poster presentation
John Eriksen
NOVA - Norwegian Social Research
Subjective well-being of people with epilepsy in Norway
Jennifer Harris
University of Dundee
Disability and homelessness in Central and Northern Scotland
Berni Kelly
Queen's University Belfast
Promoting inclusive learning and social experiences for young disabled people at school
Birgit Kirkebæk
VIKOM, The Danish Resource Centre of Children and Young People with Multiple Disabilities
An aesthetic view on interaction between a musician and congenital deafblind children and children with multiple disabilities
Anna M. Kittelsaa
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
People with learning disability and adulthood
Kristjana Kristiansen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
I have schizophrenia, but schizo-land doesn't have me: research from Norway on everyday life and recovery, with a focus on the meaning of work
Eva Magnus, Department of Social Work and Health Science, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway Disability and higher education - what are the barrieres to participation?
Jan Meyer
Harstad University College
A non-institutional life for people with intellectual disabilities in Northern Norway
Ursula Naue
Department of Political Science, University of Vienna
Disability and aging: Towards new strategies, spaces and practices within an emerging complex political field in Austria
Ghasem Norouzi
School of Education and Psychology, Isfahan University, Iran
Mainstream employment for people with the label of 'learning difficulties': the experiences and perspectives of employers
Donna Reeve
Lancaster University, UK
'Am I a real disabled person or someone with a dodgy arm?': a discussion of the psycho-emotional dimensions of disability and their contribution to identity constructions
Griet Roets Living through exposure to toxic psychiatric orthodoxies: Exploring narratives of people with 'mental health problems' who are looking for employment in the open labour market
Viveca Selander
Institution of Social Work, Stockholm University
Family life with personal assistance
Armineh Soorenian
University of Leeds
An investigation into international disabled students' experiences in UK Higher Education
Allan Sutherland
Edward Lear Foundation
The other tradition: From personal politics to disability arts
Antti Teittinen
Finnish Association on Mental Retardation
Public welfare services, disability organisations and governance structures in Finland
Anne Waldschmidt
University of Cologne
Disability studies in German speaking countries: An introduction
Peter F Wheeler
Warwick University
Disabled activism, a historically problematic relationship with charity
Chikako Yamaki
NRCD Research Institute
Social inclusion of psychiatry users in Urakawa: a study on the neighbors of Urakawa Bethel's House poster presentation
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