International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 21-23 July 2014
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Keynote Presenters


Professor Veronica (Roni) Bamber

Professor Roni Bamber is Director of the Centre for Academic Practice at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. The Centre for Academic Practice is responsible for enhancing learning, teaching and research at the University.  She has worked as an educational developer for thirteen years, and has contributed to numerous national initiatives, including the Scottish Enhancement Themes.  Roni has also been involved in significant international work, including in Bahrain, Greece, India, Jordan, Morocco, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Siberia. Prior to working in educational development, Roni was a lecturer in Spanish for 18 years, teaching in four different universities around the UK.  Roni’s current research is in universities as organizations, the development of academic staff, and the evaluation of development programmes.  Recent publications include three books with co-writers Professor Paul Trowler and Professor Murray Saunders on Enhancing Learning, Teaching, Assessment and Curriculum in Higher Education (2009); Reconceptualising Evaluation in Higher Education (2011); and Tribes and Territories in the 21st-century: Rethinking  the Significance of Disciplines in Higher Education (Jan 2012).


Roni's publications are listed here: http://eresearch.qmu.ac.uk/view/people/Bamber=3AVeronica=3A=3A.html

Think Piece - Veronica Bamber

Presentation Slides - Roni Bamber


Professor Ray Land

Ray is Professor of Higher Education at Durham University and Director of Durham’s Centre for Academic Practice. He has published widely in the field of research into higher education and is perhaps best known for his research into 'threshold concepts' and 'troublesome knowledge'.

Ray's publications are listed here: http://www.dur.ac.uk/education/staff/?id=10278


Think Piece - Ray Land



Professor Murray Saunders

MurrayMurray is co-director of here@lancaster and Vice-President of the International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE). Murray is a specialist in evaluative research with long experience of evaluative research and development projects in the higher education sector.

Murray's publications are listed here: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/edres/profiles/murray-saunders


Think Piece - Murray Saunders

Presentation Slides - Murray Saunders


Dr Nelleke Bak

NellekeDr Nelleke Bak joined the University of Cape Town as its Director of Postgraduate Studies in January 2013. Through her experience at various universities in South Africa and in the USA, she has experience in diverse aspects of postgraduate teaching, supervision and management. Her research has focused on spatial considerations in scaffolding education, relationships of trust, and lately on issues in doctoral supervision. She has written a series of guides for postgraduate students and faculty and published a book, Completing your Thesis: A Practical Guide (van Schaik, 2004).

Think Piece - Nelleke Bak



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