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About the Mobilities Lab

The mobilities.lab undertakes ethnographically informed, engaged research around contemporary mobilities. Projects are interdisciplinary and usually involve practitioners, policy-makers, and designers. They explore a diverse range of mobilities, including:

Our methods are mobile in two senses. On the one hand resarchers move with people, objects, information to empirically study the practical achievement of work, play, epistemic activities (e.g. through locative media, walk-alongs, drive alongs, mobile video ethnography). On the other, our methods seek to mobilise different perspectives and contributions to the research (e.g. through collaborative analysis and collaborative design). Methods are designed to enrich understanding of complex socio-technical phenomena and to practically inform policy, design, and socio-technical change. Members of the mobilities.lab have extensive experience in organizing and coordinating ethnographically informed design, future laboratories and living labs, and interdisciplinary, collaborative analysis is creatively facilitated in datasessions, ‘fieldstorms', workshops and collective experimentation events inside and outside the lab.

Mobilities.lab works in close collaboration with internal and external partners.

Internally, mobilities.lab is a collaboration between:

The lab is also a hub for cross-disciplinary collaboration and R&D with external academic, public and industrial partners (e.g. Oxford University, Aarhus University, The UK Foresight programme, Saab, Thales). It includes collaborations with internationally recognized new media artists, including Drew Hemment and Jen Southern.

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