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Special Issue 16 (1) : Discourses of Covid-19 and the Political, edited by Christiane Barnickel, Elena Dück and Amelie Kutter

Discourses of Covid 19 and the Political. Introduction to the Special Issue
| Pages 1-14 | Christiane Barnickel, Elena Dück & Amelie Kutter | Published: 27/05/24


Essential Workers, Border-Crossing, and Exceptionality During the Covid-19 Pandemic
| Pages 15-31 | Galvão Debelle dos Santos | Published: 27/05/24


Special Issue 15 (2): (Critical) Discourse Studies and the (new?) normal. Proceedings of the 9th Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines conference, Bergamo, 2022

Special Issue: (Critical) Discourse Studies and the (new?) normal: Introduction
| Pages 1-3 | Stefania Maci & Mark McGlashan | Published: 05/03/24


Examining Social Stereotypes of Saudi Women in British and Saudi Media: A Comparative Analysis of Newly Obtained Women’s Rights in Driving and Traveling
| Pages 4-22 | Mashael Ayed Althobiti | Published: 25/04/24


‘Where Others are not able to Safeguard the Rights of Children’: Legitimizing Transformation of Social Identity and Practice in Save the Children Sweden
| Pages 23-41 | Anna Vogel | Published: 10/05/24


Issue 15 (1)

A Critical Analysis of Heteronormative Discourses on Gender and Sexuality in the Jamaican Rock Music Scene
| Pages 1-20 | Nadia Whiteman-Charles | Published: 06/03/23


Migrants, COVID-19, and Italy: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of the Construction of and Resistance to Nationalist Discourses
| Pages 21-44 | Alessia Barbici-Wagner, Theresa Catalano & Bryan Meadows | Published: 27/04/23


Communicating COVID-19: Accountability and ‘British Common Sense’
| Pages 45-60 | Shani Burke & Mirko A. Demasi | Published: 03/10/23


Macro-Structural Change in Relation to Micro-Discursive Storytelling: Qatari Nationality as a Resource for the Construction of Professional Identity
| Pages 61-85 | Afra Al-Khulaifi & Dorien Van De Mieroop | Published: 09/10/23


National Narration and Organisational Crisis: A Discourse-Mythological Analysis of the Imperial War Museum During the Second World War
| Pages 86-108 | Phillip Deans & Darren Kelsey | Published: 17/01/24


Special Issue – 14 (2)
Introduction: Migration Discourses in Times of Crisis
| Pages i-viii | Dario Del Fante & Charlotte Taylor | Published: 20/03/24


British Media Representations of EU Migrants Before and After the EU Referendum
| Pages 1-20 | Anna Islentyeva | Published: 14/06/23


| Pages 21-40 | Katherine Elizabeth Russo | Published: 19/07/23


| Pages 41-76 | Dario Lucchesi & Andrea Cerase | Published: 17/10/23

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