CADAAD Journal is the official journal of the Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines network (CADAAD). This peer-reviewed journal focuses on the critical study of discourse across disciplines. Its primary aim is to publish original research which highlights, develops or challenges approaches and methods for understanding the role of discourse in constructing, sustaining and changing social practices, identities and relations. The journal is fully open access.

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Yuze Sha, Lancaster University, UK

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New Articles:

Readers’ Discourses and the Construction of Climate Change Below the Line
| Vol.14(1): 107-133 | Andrew Mitchell | Published: 01/12/22


Using Worthiness, Unity, Numbers and Commitment to Analyse Reported Speech in the Pro- and Anti-Brexit Press
| Vol.14(1): 86-106 | Charlotte-Rose Kennedy | Published: 26/09/22


Ideological Polarisation in the Venezuelan Presidential Crisis
| Vol.14(1): 63-85 | Silvia Peterssen | Published: 15/09/22


New Book Reviews:

Zottola, A. (2021). Transgender Identities in the Press: A Corpus-based Discourse Analysis
| Vol.14: BkRv6 | Clara Neary | Published: 25/10/22

Bonnin, J. E. (2019). Discourse and Mental Health: Voice, Inequality and Resistance in Medical Settings
| Vol.14: BkRv5 | Marion Nao | Published: 13/06/22

Schneider, U., & Eitelmann, M. (Eds.). (2020). Linguistic Inquiries into Donald Trump’s Language: From ‘Fake News’ to ‘Tremendous Success’
| Vol.14: BkRv4 | Sabina Tabacaru | Published: 19/05/22


Latest Issue – Recontextualizing Brexit:


Introduction – Recontextualizing Brexit: Discursive Representations from Outside the UK
| Vol.13(1): 1-11 | Monika Brusenbauch Meislová, Veronika Koller, Susanne Kopf, & Marlene Miglbauer | Published: 21/12/21


To Brexit or not to Brexit? Media Re-contextualization of the Brexit Process in Spain. A Case Study. 
| Vol.13(1): 12-30 | Laura Filardo-Llamas | Published: 21/12/21


Force-dynamics and Conceptual Metaphor in Brexit Negotiations: The Construal of Gibraltar’s Status in Spanish Online Newspapers
| Vol.13(1): 31-54 | Javier Mármol Queraltó | Published: 21/12/21


Anger, Laughter and Frustration: Reactions to House of Commons Brexit Debates on an Austrian News Forum
| Vol.13(1): 55-84 | Marlene Miglbauer & Veronika Koller | Published: 21/12/21


The Good, the Bad and Something in Between: Blame Assignment in Czech and Slovak Political Discourse on Brexit
| Vol.13(1): 85-106 | Monika Brusenbauch Meislová | Published: 21/12/21


A Look at Brexit by RT, a Russian News Source
| Vol.13(1): 107-126 | Natalia Knoblock | Published: 21/12/21


‘Just look at the mess. And they haven’t even left’: (EU) Citizens Debating Brexit
| Vol.13(1): 127-143 | Susanne Kopf | Published: 21/12/21


‘Who’s to Pay for Brexit?’ A Corpus-Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Communications by European Banks
| Vol.13(1): 144-167 | Maria Cristina Aiezza | Published: 21/12/21


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