Is the rate of domestic violence increasing or decreasing
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Is the rate of Domestic Violence Increasing or Decreasing?

Is the rate of domestic violence increasing or decreasing? A re-analysis of the Crime Survey for England and Wales is an 18 month ESRC-funded Secondary Data Analysis Initiative based in Lancaster's Department of Sociology.

The aim of the scheme is to deliver high impact policy and practitioner relevant research through the deeper exploitation of the major data resources created by the ESRC and other agencies.

The interdisciplinary research team are experts in gender-based violence and the analysis of large-scale secondary data sources: led by Sylvia Walby, Distinguished Professor of Sociology particularly noted for her work in the fields of gender relations and gender-based violence with Brian Francis, Professor of Social Statistics particularly noted for his work in quantitative criminology and Jude Towers, whose primary research interest is the measurement of gender-based violence through large-scale social surveys.


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