The Project published the three-volume study English Language Education in Hungary (1999-2001) that documents its developmental work. The series is an extremely useful resource for researchers, teachers and university students who are interested in testing and want to know more about

  the socio-educational context of the examination reform,
 the process of quality examination development including e.g. interpreting the statistical results of pilots,
 the process of developing a teacher training course from its genesis to its reception by teachers.

 Part I: A Baseline Study describes the state of affairs before the examination reform.
 Part II: Examining Hungarian Learners' Achievements in English is a record of the complete process of test production, from design to analysis and interpretation of results based upon large scale national pilots.
 Part III: Training Teachers for New Examinations is a detailed description of the course the Project developed for teachers of English to help them prepare their students for modern English examinations. The book describes the   in-service exam awareness training course in detail.

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