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Hilary Graham
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Hilary Graham is Professor of Social Policy at Lancaster University and has a background in sociology and social policy.

After working for her PhD at the University of York in the 1970s, she moved to the University of Bradford as a Lecturer in Social Policy and followed this with a research post in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University, before taking up the post of Head of the Applied Social Studies Department at Coventry Polytechnic (now Coventry University) in the mid 1980s. She was appointed to the Chair of Applied Social Studies at the University of Warwick in 1988, a post held until 1996. During this period, she had a one-year ESRC Senior Research Fellowship, at the MRC Medical Sociology Unit in Glasgow. She moved to Lancaster University in 1996 to head up the ESRC's Health Variations Programme. Her Directorship ended with the completion of the Programme in 2001. She is based in the Department of Applied Social Science and is a member of the Institute for Women's Studies and the Institute for Health Research.

Hilary Graham has contributed to both research and policy development in the area of health and inequality. On the research front, she has served on three Research Assessment Exercises. She was a member of the Social Work and the Social Policy Panel of the 1989 Research Selectivity Exercise and of the 1992 and 1996 Research Assessment Exercises. She is also playing a lead role on the European Science Foundation (ESF) Program on Social Variations in Health Expectancy (1999-2003) and is a member of the MRC's Health Services and Public Health Research Board (2000-04).

On the policy front, she was a member of the Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health, chaired by Sir Donald Acheson. The Inquiry was established by the Minister for Health in 1997 to review the evidence on class inequalities in health and to make recommendations for policies to address them. The Report of the Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health was published in November 1998 (The Stationery Office) and has helped to inform the UK's new public health strategy. She is also a member of the NHS Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA).

Her research and teaching have focused on how inequalities of class and gender shape women's lives and women's health. The impact of poverty and the experience of caring for children have been central themes, explored through studies - qualitative and quantitative - in two related areas: women's smoking and socio-economic inequalities in health. She has conducted research for the Department of Health, the Economic and Social Research Council and the Health Education Authority (now called the Health Development Agency). Her published work includes Hardship and Health in Women's Lives (1993), When Life is a Drag: Women, Smoking and Disadvantage (1993) and the edited collection Understanding Health Inequalities (2000).

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