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At the start of each project, the research team prepared a short outline of their planned research. The project plans are provided for the 26 projects.

In September 2001, a short summary of each project was prepared, giving a resume of its background and aims, and highlighting key findings. These project summaries are also provided for the 26 projects. It should be noted that, particularly for projects still in progress in summer 2001, the summaries provide only an interim review of findings. Further information on projects can be obtained from the ESRC REGARD database or from project teams.

Social variation in women's health: work or way of life,
Professor Mel Bartley, University College London

Income dynamics and health inequalities: an analysis of cohort and panel data
Ms. Michaela Benzeval, Queen Mary & Westfield College

Social variations in health in early old age: an investigation of precursors in a 60-year follow-up study
Dr David Blane, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Comparative methods for studying socio-economic position and health in different ethnic communities
Professor George Davey Smith, University of Bristol

Housing wealth and community health: explanations for the spatial polarisation of life chances in Britain
Professor Danny Dorling, University of Leeds

Dimension of health variations over persons, time and place
Professor Heather Joshi, Institute of Education

Housing tenure and car ownership: why do they predict health and longevity
Professor Sally Macintyre, University of Glasgow

Deprivation, psychological factors and health: response and recovery from illness
Dr Malcolm MacLeod, University of St Andrews

Ethnic variations in health: assessing the role of class, gender and geography
Dr James Nazroo, University College London|
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