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The New Interaction Order


WORKSHOP: New interaction orders, new mobile publics?

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13-14 April 2012

Guest speakers: Christian Licoppe, Mimi Sheller and Keith N Hampton

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This pilot project studies the 'new' interaction order from different empirical and analytical perspectives. Drawing on sociology, ethnomethodology, criminology, geography, and design, we are carrying out studies of 'behaviour in public places' in Manchester.

We will explore the interaction order as a phenomenon in flux – produced in and through everyday interactions. There will be a short intensive period of interdisciplinary ethnographic fieldwork in Manchester. Day and night we will be observing behaviour in public places as it unfolds, from above and from on the ground, before and during the Future Everything festival – an experimental 'living lab' that seeks to bring technologically rich futures into the present by integrating prototypes into the urban fabric and engaging the public in playful and critical exploration.

Photo of street in Manchester
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