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The Lancaster Speech, Writing and Thought Presentation Spoken Corpus



Below is an extract from file 69 of The Lancaster Speech Writing and Thought Presentation Spoken Corpus, originally taken from the Family and Social Life archive in the Centre for North West Regional Studies at Lancaster University. In this extract, the speaker is recalling a story told to him by one of his father's workmates about the time when the speaker's father was leading an industrial dispute. Of particular interest is the extent of the discoursal embedding, indicated below by indentation. Click on the speaker icon to hear the accompanying sound file.

Extract from file 069, Lancaster SW&TP Spoken Corpus

<utterance who="PS201" n="017">PS201: <sptag cat="A"> <note desc="communication skill"> He was a good arguer was he?</note></sptag> </utterance>
<utterance who="PS210" n="018">PS210: <sptag cat="A">Oh oh yes yes. I remember I went to Birmingham, I'd been out of work here and I went to Birmingham Carriage & Wagon Company they'd got five Pullman coaches for Chatham & South Eastern as it was then and they were in satin wood. Well they were only carriage finishers they they couldn't clean work veneer no and clean it up and there were about six of us went from here. And while I went in February and while I was down there machinists were out at Waring & Gillows for about six week and they only got an ha'penny an hour <note desc="SW implied"> when it was settled. </note> Ha'penny. Not this ere ten pound they're getting today, that was two shilling a week.Eh? And later on <pause> </sptag> <sptag cat="xRV">I talked to Tom Smith who was Secretary of this union </sptag> <sptag cat="xRSxx2">and he told me he said </sptag> <sptag cat="xDS">Well during one time we were in this Athenaeum Hotel, </sptag> 
<sptag cat="xRS"> he said, </sptag> 
<sptag cat="xDS">
     <sptag cat="xRVxxxe"> on dispute</sptag> 
     <sptag cat="xRSAxxe"> and your father was making a point to Hughes </sptag> 
who was Manager 
     <sptag cat="xRSxxxe"> and Hughes said </sptag>
     <sptag cat="xISxxxe"> 
          <sptag cat="xRVxxxexxxxxxx2-xRSAxxexxxxxxx2"> he was he was sneering at him. </sptag>
<sptag cat="xRS"> <notelet desc="Smith"> He said, </sptag> 
<sptag cat="xDS"> 
     <sptag cat="xRSAxxea"> He didn't <sic> detract </sic> your father </sptag> 
     <sptag cat="xRSAxxe"> your father kept on with his point till he put it all </sptag>
and then he <sic> surned </sic> he turned back on Hughes.</sptag> 
<sptag cat="xRS"> <notelet desc="Smith"> He said, </sptag> 
<sptag cat="xDS">You should have seen Hughes he was like a rat in a trap
     <sptag cat="xRSxxxe"> <notelet desc="Charlie"> he said </sptag> 
     <sptag cat="xDSxxxe"> 
          <sptag cat="xRSApxexxxxxxx2"> You've accused me of coming here, </sptag> 
     look I'm representing 
     <sptag cat="xRSApxexxxxxxx2"> you've accused me of 
               <sptag cat="xRVxxxexxxxxxx3-xRSAxxexxxxxxx3"> sneering at you sir, </sptag>
     I'm here on responsible business representing a body of men </sptag> 
     <sptag cat="xRSxxxe"> <notelet desc="Charlie"> and he said </sptag> 
     <sptag cat="xDSxxxe">I'm not going to have 
          <sptag cat="xRSxxxeahxxxxx2"> you say </sptag> 
               <sptag cat="xISxxxexxxxxxx3"> I'm sneering at you </sptag>
<sptag cat="xRS"><notelet desc="Smith"> And he said </sptag>
<sptag cat="xDS"> 
     <sptag cat="xRSAxxe"> <notelet desc="Charlie"> he slated him and before before he'd finished </sptag>
     <sptag cat="xRSxxxe"> Hughes was saying, </sptag>
     <sptag cat="xDSxxxe">What will you have Charlie, will you have any drink on th' house? any tobacco?</sptag>
<sptag cat="xRS"> <notelet desc="intonation suggests this represents Smith rather than Smith representing Charlie"> He said, </sptag> <sptag cat="xDS"> he knocked his hand away 
     <sptag cat="xRSxxxe"> and said, </sptag> 
     <sptag cat="xDSxxxe"> 
          <sptag cat="xRSApxexxxxxxx2"> You accuse me of 
               <sptag cat="xRVxxxexxxxxxx3-xRSAxxexxxxxxx3"> sneering at you </sptag>
     <sptag cat="xRSxxxe"> said <note desc="deictic shift">my daddy </note></sptag> <sptag cat="xDSxxxe"> 
          <sptag cat="xRSAxxexxxxxxx2"> I repudiate it, I'm not having it. </sptag> 
     I'm here <trunc> repre </trunc> as a representative representing a body of men. I only want fair deals. </sptag> 
<sptag cat="A-xRSxxxxxxxxr"><note desc="implied self report?"> As I say </note> </sptag> <sptag cat="A"> Hughes always respected me father.</sptag>




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