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The Lancaster Speech, Writing and Thought Presentation Spoken Corpus


Project Team

Photograph of Mick Short Mick Short is Professor of English Language and Literature, and joint Project Director along with Elena Semino and Tony McEnery. He is the author of Exploring the Language of Poems, Plays and Prose (Longman 1996), and, with Geoffrey Leech, Style in Fiction (Longman 1981) in which the cline of speech and thought presentation that has been developed in the two corpus-based SW&TP projects at Lancaster was first presented.

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Photograph of Elena Semino Elena Semino is Senior Lecturer in the Linguistics Department and joint Project Director. With Mick Short she was responsible for the previous SW&TP project, investigating the nature of speech, thought and writing presentation in a corpus of fictional and non-fictional written texts. She is the author of Language and World Creation in Poems and Other Texts (Longman 1997) and, with Mick Short, is currently writing a book on the SW&TP Written project.

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Photograph of Tony McEnery Tony McEnery is Professor of English Language and Linguistics, and joint Project Director. He has been involved with corpus building and exploitation at Lancaster for over ten years, and was involved with the project to compile the British National Corpus. In addition to working on the SW&TP Spoken corpus he is also managing the EMILLE project at Lancaster. Among his publications are Computational Linguistics (Sigma Press 1992), and, with Andrew Wilson, Corpus Linguistics (2nd edition: Edinburgh UP 2001).

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Photograph of John Heywood John Heywood was a Research Assistant on the project, working on the building and tagging of the corpus. He is currently doing PhD research in stylistics.

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Photograph of Dan McIntyre Dan McIntyre was a Research Assistant on the project and, with John Heywood, was involved in building and tagging the corpus of spoken data. He is now a lecturer in English language at Liverpool Hope University College.

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We are also grateful to Carol Bellard-Thomson, who worked on the project in its early stages and was responsible for collating and scanning transcripts, and digitising sound files of spoken data, taken from archives held at the Centre for North West Regional Studies at Lancaster University.


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