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 Ling 131: Language & Style

 Topic 10 (session A) - Prose analysis > Session overview

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Session Overview
Bilgewater: General
Prose Analysis Methodology
Bilgewater: Lexis
Bilgewater: Foregrounding
Bilgewater: Context & cohesion
Bilgewater: Speech & thought presentation
Bilgewater: Grammar
Methodology checksheet
Topic 10 'tool' summary
Useful Links

What will we learn in this topic?

So far in the prose section of this course we have concentrated on topics that are specially relevant to the analysis of prose fiction: the analysis of style and viewpoint (including the study of speech and thought presentation). When looking at viewpoint, we concentrated on linguistic features that were specially relevant to viewpoint analysis. But when we looked at style we took a more general approach, as in principle any aspect of linguistic organisation can contribute to overall style and meaning. In this final topic of the prose fiction section of the course we will present a general 'methodology' checksheet to use when analysing prose and then demonstrate its use on an extended passage. This should help you when you do your coursework assessment, and this topic leads naturally in to the self-assessment mechanism for prose fiction analysis.

The methodology checksheet will include the areas we have looked at so far in the course and so will help to show you how they fit into an overall analysis. Effectively, the checksheets we have already presented for specific areas are more detailed specifications of some of the sections of the more general methodology checksheet.

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