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 Ling 131: Language & Style

Topic 2 (session A) - Being creative with words and phrases > Manipulating word classes > A style with lots of adverbs

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Session Overview
(Semi) Automatic poetry
Introducing word classes
More on word classes
Manipulating word classes
Changing word class - affixation
Changing word class - functional conversion
New words for old
Word class problems
Word class checklist
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Grammar Website

Manipulating word classes

A style with lots of adverbs

It is quite difficult to find a text with lots of adverbs in it. The adverb is the least frequent and most optional, grammatically, of the four major word classes. So we have made one up.

Now the party was noisily in full swing. Many students were singing raucously. Others lurched drunkenly here and there. Then, suddenly, there was a horrifyingly large sucking noise outside. Slowly and seemingly inexorably the door creaked open, and a gigantically large slug oozed lubriciously into the room, greedily, and gratefully, engulfing undergraduates as it tried to join in the disappearing fun.


Our analysis








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