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 Ling 131: Language & Style

Topic 2 (session A) - Being creative with words and phrases > More on word classes > New words

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Session Overview
(Semi) Automatic poetry
Introducing word classes
More on word classes
Manipulating word classes
Changing word class - affixation
Changing word class - functional conversion
New words for old
Word class problems
Word class checklist
Useful Links
Grammar Website

Some new words and their definitions




a feline birthday (e.g. 'Happy anniversicat, Tiddles!')



the process involved in putting two pieces of Velcro together (e.g. 'I quickly clitched the cuffs of my anorak')



an unreasonable and invasive quality associated with a cat called Floozie (Mick Short's cat) - parallel in meaning to 'macho' and the more recent female equivalent 'femcho', as in 'only femcho women refuse pain relief in childbirth' (e.g. 'Walking over my head when I'm asleep is typical Floozcho behaviour'.)



in a manner like that of being gripped (e.g. 'She addressed me grippily')








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