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 Ling 131: Language & Style

Topic 3 (session B) - Patterns, Deviations, Style and Meaning > Session overview

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Session Overview
Extended parallelism: non-literary examples
Extended parallelism: literary examples
Parallelism, deviation and 'The brain - is wider than the sky -'
Foregrounding Checksheet
Topic 3 'tool' summary
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What will we learn in Session B?


In this topic we will learn about the most fundamental area of stylistic analysis: how writers highlight (foreground) parts of texts which are especially important interpretatively by breaking the rules of language or using particular linguistic structures more often than we would normally expect.

We will look at lots of different examples, some literary, some not, some brief and some more extended. If you do the various tasks carefully you will get a lot of practice in a particularly important aspect of stylistic analysis.




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