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 Ling 131: Language & Style

 Topic 7 (session A) - The grammar of complex sentences > Session Overview

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Session Overview
SPOCA Review
Grammar made easy - the basic principles
Linking, listing and nesting clauses
More nesting
Text effects
Linking, listing & nesting checksheet
Complex SPOCA self test
Topic 7 'tool' summary
Useful Links

What will we learn in this topic?

In Topic 4 we looked at the grammar of simples sentences and clauses. But in Topic 6 it has become clear that if we are to be able to characterise authorial and text styles, we will need to be able to deal with more complex sentences. This topic is designed to help you do that.

We begin with a review of simple SPOCA, to remind you of what you covered in Topic 4. Then we go on to look at how more complex sentence structures are formed in English. We will also look at some textual examples to see the sorts of effects that can be produced in texts by manipulating grammatical structure.



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