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Project Information Documents

chameleonWe have produced two slightly different information documents. One provides general information about the project. Read more» . The other discusses the specific contributions of social scientific research to the Barcoding of Life Project. Read more»

Recent Publications

Ellis, R. 2008 "Rethinking the Value of Biological Specimens: Laboratories, Museums and the Barcoding of Life Initiative", Museum and Society, 6, pp: 172-191

Ellis, R., Waterton, C., and Wynne, B. 2009 "Taxonomy, Biodiversity and their Publics in 21st Century DNA Barcoding". Public Understanding of Science (on-line August 2009)

Seminar Papers

Lancaster University. Sociology Department. STS Mixtures February 2007: Rebecca Ellis presented "DNA Barcoding: A Mere Tool or the Potential to Remake Our Relationship with Life".

Conferences Attended

ESRC Genomics Forum November 2006 : Claire Waterton and Brian Wynne presented "The roles os social science in conservation policy: working with the 'implicit social' in biodiversity conservation" at a Workshop on Genomics for Biodiversity, Conservation and Land Use.

International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity, IMOSEB, European Consultation. Geneva 25-27th April 2007 Brian Wynne presented "What Kind of Knowledge for Effective Biodiversity Policy"

Science and Democracy Network (SDN) Annual Meeting, CRASSH, Cambridge University, June 2007

Rebecca Ellis: "Barcoding Life: Forgetful Science for the Biodiversity Commons?"

Claire Waterton: "Protee - the great pretender - a technology for science and democracy"

International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB), Biennial Conference, Exeter, 25th - 29th July 2007 ISHPSSB website»

Rebecca Ellis: "DNA Barcoding: A Mere Tool or the Potential to Remake our Relationship with Life?"

Claire Waterton: "Experimenting with the Archive: Performance and Emergence in the Making of Databases of Nature"

Nature Behind Glass: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Natural Science Collections. Centre for Museology, Manchester University. 6th-8th September 2007. Nature Behind Glass website»

Rebecca Ellis: "Nature under minus 150 degrees celsius: the relationship between frozen DNA and whole organisms as specimens of nature"

Johannes Vogel: "Biodiversity Publics: Nature, Humans and Machines"

New Sciences of Protection: Designing Safe Living. Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, 4th-5th October 2007. New Sciences of Protection website»

Rebecca Ellis and Claire Waterton: "The New Sciences of Protection - responses and connections"

Forthcoming Book

We have submitted a book proposal to Routledge and are now awaiting the publisher's final decision. The provisional title of the book is; "Material Imaginations in Global Taxonomy: Producing and Reducing Nature in an Age of Biodiversity Loss" (Waterton, Ellis & Wynne)


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