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About our Publications

Staff regularly publish field-defining books, journal articles and special issues.

In the 2012 QS world rankings Sociology at Lancaster has a per capita citation score of 68.9; this is the 29th highest citation ranking in the world, and the 4th highest cited department outside north America.


The Mobilities journal is edited by John Urry from the department. Other journal edited by staff in the department include:

  • Feminist Theory (Celia Roberts)
  • Gender, Work and Organization (Sylvia Walby)
  • New Genetics and  Society (Richard Tutton)
  • Social Studies of Science, Collaborating Editor (Lucy Suchman)
  • Science as Culture, Reviews Editor (David Tyfield)
  • Social Science and medicine, Associate Editor (Maggie Mort)

An Archive of Online papers from 2005-2008 can be downloaded from our website. Details of more recent publications can be found in the Lancaster University Research Portal or in staff profiles.


A selection of Recent Books

Advertising, Commercial Spaces and the Urban

Anne Cronin -
Advertising, Commercial Spaces and the Urban 2010

Tim Dant - Television and the Moral Imaginary 2012

Bulent Diken - Reolt, Revolution, critique 2011


Bulent Diken -
Nihilism 2011

Debra Ferreday - Online belongings 2009

Multicultural Horizons

Anne-Marie Fortier -
Multicultural Horizons 2008

Bob Jessop with Ngai Ling Sum - Towards A Cultural Political Economy 2013


Adrian Mackenzie - Wirelessness 2011

Maureen McNeil - Human cloning in the media 2008


Feminist Cultural Studies of Science and Technology

Maureen McNeil -
Feminist Cultural Studies of Science and Technology 2007

Karenza Moore - Key Concepts in Drugs and Society 2013


Maggie Mort and Celia Roberts - Aging, technology and home care 2008


Animal Disease and Human Trauma

Maggie Mort -
Animal Disease and Human Trauma 2001

Ian Paylor – Social work and drug use 2012


Andrew Sayer - Why things matter to people CUP 2011

Elizabeth Shove  - The Dynamics of Social Practice, Sage 2012


David Tyfield - The Economics of Science: A Critical Realist Overview 2012


David Tyfield - The Economics of Science:A Critical Realist Overview 2012


Imogen Tyler - Revolting subjects 2013

John Urry, with Kingsley Dennis - After the Car 2009


John Urry - Mobile Lives 2010


John Urry - Climate Change and Society 2011

John Urry - The Tourist Gaze 3.0 2011

John Urry - Societies Beyond Oil 2013

Sylvia Walby - The Future of Feminism 2011

Globalisation and Inequalities

Sylvia Walby -
Globalisation and Inequalities 2009

Claire Waterton, Brian Wynne - Barcoding Nature: shifting taxonomic practices in an age of biodiversity loss  2013


Richard Tutton-
Genomics and the Reimagining of Personalized Medicine 2014


Recent Edited Books and Special Issues

Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work

Monika Buscher -
Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work 2009

Monika Buscher - Design research: synergies from interdisciplinary perspectives 2011

Consuming the Entrepreneurial City

Anne Cronin -
Consuming the Entrepreneurial City 2008


Debra Ferreday - Hope and feminist theory 2011



Education and the Knowledge Based Economy in Europe

Bob Jessop -
Education and the Knowledge-Based Economy in Europe 2008

Adrian Mackenzie - Cinema and technology 2009

Celia Roberts - Special issue of Feminist Theory on 'Nonhuman feminisms' 2011


Elizabeth Shove - Sustainable Practices: Social theory and climate change 2013


Elizabeth Shove - Comfort in a lower carbon society 2009

Time, Consumption and Everyday Life

Elizabeth Shove -
Time, Consumption and Everyday Life 2009

David Tyfield - Special issue of Journal of knowledge-based innovation in China on 'Low-carbon innovation in China’ 2009


Imogen Tyler - The special issue of Citizenship Studies on 'Immigrant protest' 2013


John Urry - Cities and Fascination 2011

Bronislaw Szerszynski and John Urry - Special issue of Theory Culture and Society on 'Changing Climates' 2010

Monika Buscher and John Urry - Mobile Methods 2011



John Urry - Mobilities: new perspectives on transport and society  2012



John Urry - Special issue of City & Community on ‘Aeromobilities: theory and methods’ 2010




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