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International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 20 - 22nd July 2010
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Questioning Theory-Method Relations in Higher Education Research

Lancaster University 20th - 22nd July 2010

About the Conference

Higher Education Close-Up is a peer reviewed biennial international conference, focused on discussing issues relating to in-depth research into higher education. HECU5 takes place at Lancaster University on 20-22nd July 2010 and follows on from the very successful HECU4 in Cape Town, South Africa in June 2008.

Conference Theme

The theme for HECU5 is 'Questioning Theory-Method Relations in Higher Education Research. This theme is intended to highlight issues concerning researchers’ reflexive engagement with the processes and outcomes of research into higher education. Each of the keynote speakers has provided a think piece, which raises questions about different aspects of this theme. We ask that conference participants submit proposals for papers that in some way respond to these questions so that an interactive conversation can develop before, during and, we hope, after the conference. The Call for Proposals outlines this process in more detail

Discussion List

The Higher Education Close Up discussion list is at: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/HIGHER-EDUCATION-CLOSE-UP.html. Please join this list for conference announcements and to participate in ongoing discussions of in-depth higher education research.


As with previous conferences, we are planning to put together a special journal issue based on some of the papers from HECU5. The publications from HECUs 2,3 and 4 were:
Prichard, C. and Trowler, P. (2003) (eds.) Realising Qualitative Research in Higher Education. Aldershot: Ashgate.

P Trowler (ed.) (2008) A Socio-Cultural Approach to Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Higher Education: A Special Issue. International Journal of Educational Research, 47, 3.   

Shay, S., Ashwin, P., and Case, J. (eds.) (2009) A Critical Engagement with Research into Higher Education: A Special Issue. Studies in Higher Education, 34, 4. 

Keynote Speakers:

Martyn Hammersley, The Open University, UK

Louise Morley, University of Sussex, UK

Suellen Shay, University of Cape Town, SA

Paul Trowler Lancaster University, UK

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