International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 10-12th April 2006
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Professor Ronghuai Huang

Dean of the School of Educational Technology,
Beijing Normal University, Beijing

Professor Huang has long been engaged in the research on multimedia and networking technology; information security; educational technology as well as knowledge engineering. He has successfully conducted, or is devoting himself to more than 30 projects, which either belong to the categories of "key projects funded by the National 9 th or 10 th 5-Year Development Plan", of the "National 863 Program", or directly supported by the National Ministry for Education, Ministry for Science and Technology, Ministry for Information Industry and Ministry for Labor and Social Security, or by the Municipal Government Beijing. He has had more than 50 academic papers and 20 books published.

Professor Huang currently holds a concurrent post: member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of Educational Technology at Institutions of Higher Learning, Ministry of Education (MOE); secretary general of National Teacher E-education Committee, MOE; member of the Expert Team of Building Modern Distance Education Resources, MOE; member of China Education Technology Association; head of Beijing Municipality Expert Team for the K-12 School Campus Network Construction; member of the editorial board of "Global Chinese Computer Education Application," "China Distance Education," and "K-12 Information Technology Education." He is also Co-Chair of the program committee of the 6th and 8th Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education.

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