International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 10-12th April 2006
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Barbara Allan
University of Hull
Four Years On: a Longitudinal Study Assessing the Impact of Membership of a Virtual Community of Practice.
Jenny Anastasi
Central Queensland University
Are They too Old to Learn? Exploring the Barriers to Using Weblogs in Demystifying the Information Literacy Experience for Mature Age Undergraduate Students
Mireia Asensio
Lancaster University
Developing an Inclusive Approach to the Evaluation of Networked Learning: the ELAC Experience
Sian Bayne
University of Edinburgh
Networked Learning with Digital Texts
Alice Bird
Liverpool John Moore University
Change in Collaboration over Time: A Specific Case in a Student Work Placement Scenario
Nina Bonderup Dohn
University of Southern Denmark
Affordances in ICT-settings - a Merleau-Pontian Account
Norrie Brown
Napier University
Looking for Evidence of Deep Learning in Constructively Aligned Online Discussions
Urban Carlén
Gothenburg university
Swedish School Leaders Go Online
Gráinne Conole
University of Southampton
The role of 'mediating forms of representation' in Learning Design. 
Gráinne Conole
University of Southampton
What can we Learn from the Demise of the UkeU? Evaluation of the Lessons Learnt
John Cook
London Metropolitan University
Blending Formal and Informal Learning within an International Learning Network
Julian Cook
University of Bristol
Imaginary Selves and Shifting Signifiers: What's Really Going on in an Online Chat Classroom?
Stephen Corich
Eastern Institute of Technology
Measuring Critical Thinking within Discussion Forums using a Computerised Content Analysis Tool
Linda Creanor
Glasgow Caladonian University
The Learner's Voice: a Focus on the e-learner Experience
Charles Crook
University of Nottingham
Chinese eLearners eLearning
Lucilla Crosta
Lancaster University
Action research and the Learning Community: New Implications for Online Adult Education
Hilary Dexter
University of Manchester
Managing Student Support: A Holistic Approach
Günther Dippe
Göteborg University
The Missing Teacher: Contradictions and Conflicts in the Experience of Online Learners
Martin Dyke
University of Southampton
Findings from the Evaluation of the UK/Sino eChina initiative
Isobel Falconer
University of Dundee
Mediating Between, Services and Learning Activities - the User Perspective
Amal Gouda
Open University
The Impact of Using a Distance Learning Network on Building Teachers' Communities of Practice in Egypt.
Michael Hammond
The University of Warwick
Blogging Within Formal and Informal Learning Contexts: Where are the Opportunities and Constraints?
Judith Harding
Middlesex University
Cabinets of Curiosity: Fear and Metaphor in Cyberspace
Debbie Holley
London Metropolitan University CETL team
Elements of Expectancy: Incorporating the Student Voice in the Online Design process
Sylvana Kroop
University of Vienna
A Cooperative Way to Learn "Comprehensible Writing"
Simone Kruger
Edge Hill College of Higher Education
Students' Experiences of e-learning: a Virtual Ethnography into a MA Distance Learning Module
Ray Land
University of Strathclyde
Networked Learning and the Politics of Speed: a Dromological Perspective
Wassila Mehanna
University of Cambridge
Using Mixed Methods in the Evaluation of Online Discussions
Barbara Newland
Bournemouth University
Networked Personal Development Planning in Support of Lifelong Learning in the Creative Industries
Tom Nyvang
Aalborg University
Implementation of ICT in Higher Education as Interacting Activity Systems
Marisa Ponti
IT-university of Gothenburg
Networked Management Learning for Managers of Small and Medium Enterprises
Ines Puntschart
Know-Center & Graz University of Technology
Online Communities and the "un"-importance of e-moderators
Anne Rasmussen
University of Southern Denmark
Interaction in Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) - an Ethical Perspective
Symeon Retalis
University of Piraeus
Towards Networked Learning Analytics - A Concept and a Tool
Andrew Sackville
Edge Hill
Styles of Discussion? Online Facilitation Factors
Christine Smith
Lancaster University
Incorporating e-learning into a Local Government Authority Context: Evaluating Developers' Perspectives on the Learning Ladder Project
Demosthenes Stamatis
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
Networked Academic Societies in Collaborative Development of e-Learning Courses
Jean-Anne Stewart
Henley Management College
Engaging SMEs in an eLearning Programme
Steve Walker
Leeds Metropolitan University
Networked Learning and Social Action: a Social Informatics Perspective
Birgit Weyer
Weyer und Hansen
The Postgraduate Learning Experience: The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Student Satisfaction and Degree Completion
Casey Wilson
Lancaster University
E-Learning in Practice - Developing the Leadership Learning Environment
Jianhua Zhao
Lancaster University
The Differences of Group learning in the Classroom-based and Web-based Settings: Factor Analysis
Laura Zurita
Aalborg University
Learning in Multicultural Environments: Learners as Co-designers


Name Title
Chris Jones
Open University
Symposium 1: Relations in Networks and Networked Learning
Carol Higgison
University of Bradford
Symposium 2: Enhancing Learner Progression (ELP) - Understanding the Learners' Perspectives
Helen Spencer-Oatey
University of Cambridge
Symposium 3: Culture and eLearning Design: Insights from the eChina~UK Programme
Sue Morón-García
University College Worcester
Symposium 4: Repositories for Teaching Materials and Learning Objects: Enablers and Barriers to Use
Janet Macdonald
Open University in Scotland
Symposium 5: Exploiting Online Networks and Shared Repositories to Support the Professional Development of Distance Tutors: Introducing the PROWE Project
Philip Watland
Lancaster University
Symposium 6: Researching Networked Learning: Diversity and Uniformity
Frances Deepwell
Coventry University
Symposium 7: Where's the "I" in Communities of Inquiry?
Shirley Booth
Lund University
Symposium 8: Research into Learning in Networked Outreach Initiatives
Ilse Schrittesser
University of Vienna
Symposium 9: Conceptual Design, Extended Action Research, Team Building and Virtual Learning Environments


Name Title
Tony Greenwood
St Martin's College
A Small Multi-site Higher Education Institution Managing Change in its e-learning Culture
Karen Lee
University of Dundee
An Evaluation of Electronic and Paper Distance learning packages for Practice-based Healthcare Staff

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