How to Contribute

This section outlines the opportunities we have created for you to contribute to the work of the project.

We are using documentary, longitudinal and quantitative data alongside oral history interviews to collect the perspectives of three groups: adults with basic skills needs, practitioners involved in teaching and organising within ABE and ESOL programmes and people involved in making and managing policy in this field.


Our first information gathering exercise was a small survey that was sent to practitioners asking them to tell us of important events and people within ABE and ESOL between 1970 and 2000. We went on to conduct e-mail and face-to-face interviews as well as setting up group activities to collect memories, experiences and views from this period. We used the four case study sites of Leicestershire, Norfolk, Greater Manchester and East London to look more closely at how these experiences intersected within a specific geographical area.

Time Lines

We developed this web site in part for people who fall outside of these areas to contribute their experiences and views: making history themselves with the 'Changing Faces' project. To help with this we have developed a Time Line to record significant events, both nationally and regionally, which we are inviting people to visit and add to. View Time Lines


If you wish to contribute your own experience you can complete the e-mail version of our interview by email. Request e-mail interview here.


Part of the project is setting up an archive of materials from this period; we are asking people to look under the bed and in cupboards for things to donate. With so much new material we could easily lose the old, which will be of interest to future generations.

Please see the Archive for further information.

Contact Us

If you would like to contribute resources please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Details can be found on our Contacts page.


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