CampusThe Departments of Linguistics and Psychology are pleased to host the Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar at Lancaster University in June 2016. The Implicit Learning Seminar is a three-day international conference that draws together leading researchers from a variety of disciplines (cognitive psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics) who share an interest in the cognitive and neural bases of implicit-statistical learning.

Invited speakers:

The 2016 conference is the fifth edition of the Implicit Learning Seminar and the first time this conference series comes to the United Kingdom. It follows successful editions in Krakow (June 5-7, 2015), Saint Petersburg (May 12-14, 2014), Bergen (June 20-22, 2013), and Sopot (August 23-25, 2012).

For questions, please contact the organizers, Patrick Rebuschat, Padraic Monaghan, Kirsty Dunn, and Rebecca Frost.