CCN Management Board

The Catchment Change Network is managed by a Board, outlined below, the composition of which has been designed to ensure science-user demand sits centrally within the project.  Specific key roles of the Management Board include: identifying ongoing work across the three Focus Areas, capturing a range of science user needs, advising on future research needs, and steering activities toward integrated catchment management.

Ruth Alcock Lancaster University
Keith Beven Lancaster University
Tim Burt Durham University
Kieran Conlan Cascade Consulting
Martin Furness OFWAT
Jim Hall Oxford University
Phil Haygarth Lancaster University
Chris Kilsby Newcastle University
Rob Lamb JBA Consulting
Adrian McDonald University of Leeds
Dan McGonigle Defra
Enda O’Connell Newcastle University
Sim Reaney Durham University
William Robinson Northumbrian Water
Kate Snow United Utilities
Robert Willows Environment Agency



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