Foresight Project on Land Use Futures

The Land Use Futures Project has taken a broad and overarching look at the future of UK land use over the next 50 years. It demonstrates that there is a strong case to develop a much more strategic approach: to guide incremental land use change, incentivise sustainable behaviours, and to unlock value from land.This report shows that a reappraisal is vital to help address major challenges ahead Рfor example, relating to demographic shifts, climate change, and rising demand for commercial and residential development in areas such as the South East of England. The challenge is to meet the rising expectations which will come with rising incomes; and to deliver a wider range of sustainable benefits from land. In particular, a more coherent and consistent approach is needed for managing the growing demands on land Рat different levels of Government, and across the wider community of stakeholders involved in the many land use sectors.

Find the Main Reports and Evidence Summaries here

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