Lancaster University, UK  27th June – 28th  June 2012 

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the first Generalised Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation GLUE paper by Beven and Binley in 1992 and has, in addition, just passed 1000 citations on the Web of Science. The GLUE methodology has been controversial; viewed by some as simply wrong, by others as an earlier version of Approximate Bayesian Computation, and by others as a useful way of trying to reflect the impacts of epistemic errors on complex error structures in environmental modelling. This workshop will have the aim of reviewing: the way in which the GLUE controversy has illuminated the debate about how to assess uncertainty in environmental models; the philosophy that underlies the GLUE methodology; and some examples of using GLUE in practice. The workshop will start at lunchtime on Wednesday 27th June and finish at lunchtime on Thursday 28th June and will include both oral and paper presentations. The first day will be completed by a celebratory dinner in the evening.

The workshop will follow on directly from the final Catchment Change Network International Conference  on .

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