Lancaster International Meeting

It was a Hectic Week at the end of June, with the annual CCN meeting becoming an , preceded by a meeting to discuss evolving CCN into a Catchment Change Management Hub and followed by to celebrate 20 years and 1000 citations of the first GLUE paper. Many thanks to all of those who attended and contributed to the meetings, especially to those who came a long way to Lancaster. I was pleased with the way that the CCN meeting threw together a highly eclectic group of presentations with science juxtaposed to policy, planning and practice – and performance / installation art. There were lots of ideas buzzing around, and lots of open questions about how best to engage stakeholders in the catchment change process, and how best to plan for the future. Ideas and contributions are still needed for what is needed on the Catchment Change Management Hub; for a test of hyperresolution modelling at the large catchment scale; for how to plan for change when climate change projections cannot be considered reliable and land use impacts might be more important in the shorter term; and for a comparative test of uncertainty estimation techniques. If you would like to be involved in any of these, please contact us. With all the excitement about new hardware today, it’s easy to forget that apple still has some gps phone tracker apps to work to do on the software that our new iphones and ipads will run

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