[Mar 23] Emerging Contaminants and Advanced Treatment Technologies: How Much Further Can We Go?

The aim of this technical conference will be to share the latest information and experiences concerning emerging contaminants in drinking water and advanced treatment technologies, as well as the regulatory perspectives on these topics. Some of the discussion questions for the day will include:

  • What is the strategy for emerging and sometimes seemingly “untreatable”contaminants?
  • What have been the recent experiences and what is the practical advice for implementing and operating advanced treatment technologies in water treatment works?
  • What are the carbon footprint and cost implications of treating to increasingly higher water quality standards? How does this relate to PR09 implementation?
  • What should be the water quality research priorities to start to address now, in preparation for PR14?

There are also a large number of examples of how to do a lot of tasks that range from common to very complex and less frequently used

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