NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow in Water Scarcity and Climate Change – Tanya Warnaars

Project Summary

My work is to engage with private sector organisations and companies on the topic of water availability and climate change. Water security and climate proofing are challenges end-users need to include in their strategic plans, and they can benefit from cutting-edge science conducted by researchers at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and across the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). To facilitate the dialogue I developed a  website explaining the water cycle and what modelling we can do. This site also looks at the 18 major global river basins in detail and how rainfall, evaporation and runoff are modelled at each.


The WATCH Project

The data from the WATCH project (WATer and global CHange) I managed has wide application and provides a strong resource for researchers and managers. In particular our work on flood and drought estimations is relevant to a number of sectors. The results of this 4 year project are nicely summarised on the WATCH website. Alternatively click here to listen to a short summary of the project.


Applications to Industry

The data and modelling capabilities available through researchers at CEH are relevant to those industries relying on water availability. Also managers interested in the future availability of water would benefit from our modelling and data expertise. This independent, credible and cutting edge information is a positive asset of CEH researchers and NERC as a whole.


For more details please contact Tanya Warnaars.

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