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Welcome to LUBBS

LUBBS stands for Lancaster University Bulletin Board System and is an informal place where current staff and students of Lancaster University meet online to chat and work. It's a lively place where people are more often known by their nicknames than their real ones!!

As a LUBBS user you can share information and join in conversations on a whole range of subjects from computing to art. You can recommed books or films, get users opinions on the best stuff to buy or use it as a means for finding and arranging to meet friends. LUBBS is also useful for advertising events to other students.

* Update 2017 * - LuBBS has been shut down for years sadly, and unlikely to return especially not to its former glory. This is a mirror of the last snapshot of the homepages from about 2012. However are you are you a previous LuBBer who has left Lancaster University? Lost touch with some of the other members? Do not despair! There is now The LuBBS Facebook Group.

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