Welcome to the Lancaster University Gaming & Esports Society! 
From here we’ll try to keep you up to date with everything we’ve got going on through the year, as well as providing the most important information to you.

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LUGES has two Discord Servers that you can get involved in!

You can join our Main Discord to get involved with other members of the Society and keep up to date with what is going on with us, and you can join our Esports Discord if you are interested in the competitive side of gaming or if you want to get involved with our teams!

See what we’ve got coming up!

Due to current circumstances, there will most likely be no on-campus events in Summer Term. But fortunately, we will be organising some in-house events for you all which we will put on here soon.

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Become an official Society member!

Being a Society member means you can attend any of our events as well as use our equipment, and also get free venue fee to the Bailrigg tournaments!

You have to be a full member to attend our events, primarily for insurance, but it also helps put towards the Society developing and acquiring new equipment for everyone to use!

Our Events

We run many events throughout each term such as:

  • County Social: Every Tuesday at 7 PM in County Bar, we have a wide range of games available and suitable for anyone to come and play, regardless of experience. Always a lot of fun for everyone!
  • Smash Weeklies: Alternating Mondays and Wednesdays, come to play some Smash Bros Ultimate to see how good you are!
  • Pendle Games Night: Pendle Rooms 3 times a term, we provide multiple games for everyone including Rockband, where you can get on the mic or play along to your favourite songs. And better yet members can request their own custom songs to be put on the game so there’s something for everyone!

We also run larger some events each term!

  • LAN: Bring along your PC or Console and join in on some team games and tournaments! An FAQ is available on this site. We have an FAQ up too here that has most of the information you need to know about taking part in our LANs.
  • Bailrigg: Our termly Smash tournament takes place in the Welcome Center, and LUGES members are exempt from the venue fee. Each category has an entry fee, but for the 3 attendees to come out on top in each one, they can expect a decent prize!

 Our Affiliations

Aternos are a Minecraft Hosting company based in Germany, that provide totally free Minecraft Servers to anyone and everyone!

Aternos have been kind enough to provide us with our own dedicated server, above and beyond what they offer to standard users, more information on our server is available here.

Lancaster University Students’ Union is our main affiliated body, and provides us with access to resources, equipment and more for the Society to use as part of being an official student society within Lancaster University.

As a registered Charity they also provide unique opportunities to all members of the Students’ Union to get involved on campus, locally and internationally, as well as being lead by annually elected students from Lancaster University.