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Welcome to the Lancaster University Gaming & Esports Society! 
From here we’ll try to keep you up to date with everything we’ve got going on through the year, as well as providing the most important information to you.

Join our Discord Servers!

We have loads of different Discord Servers that you can get involved in!

You can join our community Discord to get involved with other members of the Society and keep up to date with what is going on with us, and you can join our Esports Discord if you are interested in the competitive side of gaming or if you want to get involved with our teams!

We also have different Discord servers for different popular games and communities.

You can also see what events we have coming up in our community Discord now that restrictions on campus space have begun to reduce!

Get involved

You can keep up to date with us across all our platforms

Join us!

Become an official Society member!
You have to be a full member to attend our events, but it also helps towards the Society growing, getting new equipment and hosting better events!

Members are also exempt from paying venue fees for any of our Bailrigg Smash events!

Our Events

We run a bunch of socials each term, and you can see when the next ones are coming up in our Discord servers!

  • County Social: Weekly in The Northern Oak, we have a wide range of games available and suitable for anyone to come and play, regardless of experience. Always a lot of fun for everyone!
  • Smash Weeklies: Weekly in Bowland North, come to play some Smash Bros Ultimate to see how good you are!
  • LAN: Bring along your PC or Console and join in on some team games and tournaments! An FAQ is available on this site. We have an FAQ up too here that has most of the information you need to know about taking part in our LANs.