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CTI Music : A List of Musical Discussion Lists

This list was maintained by CTI Music at Lancaster University in the UK. The funding for CTI Music ceased at the end of 1999 and though some of its work was taken on by PALATINE this list has not been updated since the start of 2000. If you have any comments on this page, or if you run, moderate or know of any lists that you think should be included do, please, email us and let us know, but updates now only happen as and when there is time.

Please not that lists discussing particular instruments are in a section of their own.

Discussion groups tend to fall into two general categories. Some are intended primarily for professionals (e.g. EthnoFORUM, Med-and-Ren, MLA, Music-Research and SMT) though membership is not normally restricted. These lists are often moderated and issued as a digest. Lists set up by enthusiasts are usually not moderated and tend to generate more messages.

The information about each discussion list includes the following information, where available:

Subject (and list name), how to join, where to send messages (i.e. the list address), name (and e-mail address) of the list's manager and the topics discussed

There is a huge Directory of Classical Music Lists, maintained by Jason Greshes.


Page last updated: 25 jan 2000, minor tweaks and the disclaimers added in February 2002