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Academic Background

I attended Castell Alun High School studying A levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Music.

In 2011 I started an undergraduate degree at Lancaster University in Theoretical Physics with Mathematics, during which I studied a mixture of physics and pure mathematics, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In the first year I won the Alan Talbot prize for my performance in Mathematics. In each of the four years I also won a physics prize from my department.

In the final year of the programme I did a research project into transformation optics within the theory of general relativity. This involved taking the three dimensional theory used for creating light bending materials and using it in the setting of a four dimensional spacetime.


In July 2015, I graduated with a Frist Class honours MSci degree, and was awarded the Chancellor's Medal from the university for my performance throughout my degree.

In the summer of 2014, I was part of the STOR-i internship. My project was looking at the influence of attributes within an aggregated time series. It was supervised by Lawrence Bardwell. This was a very enjoyable process with a great group of interns some of which are now at STOR-i with me.

I chose to join the STOR-i programme because I wanted to expand and apply what I had learnt in my undergraduate degree to problems that occur in real life. I also wanted to be in a comfortable and supportive environment where a range of approaches to the same problem help, much like the one I had experienced during the internship. My PhD project looked at symbiotic simulation with my industrial partner Rolls Royce.

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STOR-i internship