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This page contains full references for publications resulting from the projects described on this website, as well as some other related publications by the team.


Nepali Grammar Project publications

Hardie, A (forthcoming) A collocation-based approach to Nepali postpositions.

Related publications

Baker, P, Hardie, A, McEnery, A, Xiao, R, Bontcheva, K, Cunningham, H, Gaizauskas, R, Hamza, O, Maynard, D, Tablan, V, Ursu, C, Jayaram, BD and Leisher, M (2004) Corpus linguistics and South Asian languages: corpus creation and tool development. In: Literary and Linguistic Computing 19(4): 509-524.

Hardie, A, Baker, P, McEnery, A and Jayaram, BD (2006) Corpus-building for South Asian languages. In: Saxene, A and Borin, L (eds.) Lesser-known languages in South Asia: Status and Policies, Case Studies and Applications of Information Technology. Mouton de Gruyter.

Hardie, A (2005) Automated part-of-speech analysis of Urdu: conceptual and technical issues. In: Yadava, Y, Bhattarai, G, Lohani, RR, Prasain, B and Parajuli, K (eds.) Contemporary issues in Nepalese linguistics. Kathmandu: Linguistic Society of Nepal.

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