About STOR-i

STOR-i is an evolving four-year doctoral training programme with a ground-breaking approach to Statistics and Operational Research (STOR). Established in 2010 as an EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training. (EPSRC). Its academic prowess and high levels of success have led to further investment from 2019 with an increased capacity of potential students to 70 in total across the full cohort.

As a joint venture between the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Management Science, STOR-i training program spanning over 4 years intends to develop research skills required to undertake research in STOR along with transferable skills such as leadership, organizational skills, and leadership.

Additionally, it also offers wonderful internship opportunities for undergraduates interested in STOR to work with Ph.D. students and academics.

To know more, watch the video below or click here.

Why join STOR-i?